Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Best Let Me Make a Couple Predictions

Tonight I saw Imagine Dragons, my friend Paul's brother Dan's band at Pianos.  It was their first ever New York City gig.

Their sound was nearly too big for the famous small room (remember when Franz Ferdinand played there in early 2004?  This room is a launch pad, no, more of a Plymouth Rock for good rock) and let me make a bold prediction: Imagine Dragons are going to make it big.  They've got the sound, they've got the rock presence, I'm telling you they're gonna be something.

Also at the show, putting in a little roadie work?  Brandon, the first Reynolds brother I ever knew (if only for a minute).

Post-show grabbed a little dinner at Little Muenster, a new grilled-cheesery right around the corner from Pianos.  And let me make another prediction: Based on the location, solid product, and steady stream of customers tonight, Little Muenster will be big, too.

Especially when word gets out about their cheese grater chandelier.

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