Friday, May 06, 2011

Best New York Birthday Celebration

This year I was blessed with a bounty of birthday celebrations.  I appreciate it all so much and now try to express that appreciation in blog form over several posts that I hope you find to be enjoyable.

For reference, my birthday is April 30th.  That was last Saturday.

But my birthday celebrations began, lucky me, on Monday, April 25, when Cher took me to dinner at Fatty Cue (which is still fantastic) and gave me this kitten pillow.  Also, Steve Ells, founder of Chipotle was there that night.  I only know who he is because of America's Next Great Restaurant.

Re: Fatty Cue food: If you ever come to visit New York and I don't suggest we eat at Fatty Cue, you can call me a terrible host.  Because it's bonkers how good that place is.  This visit I especially liked the broccoli.

Then on Tuesday, April 26th I had my second annual 96th Street Taco Truck Followed By Hanging Out at My Apartment Birthday Party.

Chaunte and Duane were there.  This was, as far as I'm concerned, Duane's first public appearance since his spectacular wedding celebration.

Also at the truck, Steve, my podcast boss.  What, you haven't listened to our UFO episode yet?


Jessie and Kim!


Jeff, of course.

Look at this beautiful cake they had for me!

And all of it's beautiful babies!

Also in attendance: Patricia!  My first New York friend! (that sounds better than "oldest New York friend", right?)

And pretty new New York friends, like Austin and Monica.

And Cher, making her second birthday-related appearance in a row (and she even almost made it to my third birthday party . . . that post is coming up).

Also at the party, but (sadly) not pictured: Jen, Aubrey, Paul, Whitney, Claire, Alpha, and Me Blowing Out Candles (but there's a video of that on Facebook).

For the after party some of us watched Fast and the Furious #1 because I had some plans for the weekend and didn't want to be totally in the dark.  I thought that Fast and the Furious #1 was: Fine.

A big thanks to everyone that partied New York City style with me.  These were grand celebrations.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Wow, Patricia. She is really good people. I haven't seen her forever.

PS I want to eat those babies.