Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Best Easter Remainders

So, after taking a million pictures in Provo on Friday I found myself all worn out camerawise for the rest of the Easter weekend.  But I was able to dig deep into my reserve strength a few times to memorialize a few more moments . . .

Like when Owen opened his graduation present at graduation dinner at the Bombay House.

Saturday there was a major gathering of family for my nephew Rocco's blessing.

Okay, I'll admit it, his name isn't really Rocco but that's what I thought Ellie said it was when she called me up to tell me his name so I'm sticking with it.

Requisite post-blessing meal.  I brought the Cheez-Its.  What?  I know better than to show up to a party empty handed.

The Engineer was in charge of punch.

Ellie's got this cousin she's real good friends with.

And a sandwich.

Once people started to leave we had an egg-dyeing after party.

Owen made a watermelon egg.

But I made this out of magnetic beads.

Came back the next day for Easter Dinner.  Look at my baked potato!  Kristen and Cory did something to make them all melty and delicious.

After dinner Cory told a famous story of his.  Can't remember which one, though.

And then I went to Duke and Teresa's house for a second Easter dinner where Andrew, via Skype, helped my cousin David with his ciabatta baking.

And that's all the pictures I've got.  But I also met up with some old college chums for a third Easter Dinner and then flew home Sunday night on that wonderful JetBlue redeye with almost everyone that I flew out with on Thursday night.

Okay.  Easter Trip is done being documented.  Now I can start with birthday posts.  Are you excited?

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Side of Jeffrey said...

I am finding myself excited by the prospect of birthday posts.