Monday, May 30, 2011

Best Happy Memorial Day

No one is working today, right?  No one is at work and killing time by looking at blogs, right?  Well, it's a good thing you came over today because that little movie Jeff made of himself roller skating on the Williamsburg Bridge has made its way onto the internet.

See you back at work this week with posts about two significant anniveraries, thoughts on the Tree of Life, the three other books I read last week, pictures of friends at two different but similar social gatherings, and who knows what else?  Maybe record reviews?  Maybe a picture of something I ate?


Sara said...

I'm sometimes jealous of you and Lexi -- living in the "limited showings" city of New York. They certainly aren't playing "Tree of Life" in Texas yet. :/

Broek said...

Wow. Look at Jeff go. Never knew.