Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Visit to the Javits Center

Something that you might not know about me is that I love trade shows.  I love seeing booth after booth after booth of people doing kind of the same thing in the same industry.  I'm being serious!  I'm not making it up!  I'll go to just about any tradeshow I'm invited to, particularly the National Stationery Show!

I was the invited guest of Lifestyle Crafts out of Orem, Utah.  I walked the floor a bit, got creeped out by artists trying to sell their personal lines of greeting cards and made nervous by vendors who started talking serious shop to me because they saw I was an "Exhibitor."

So I went over to "my" booth to see what it was that I made and met up with Lifestyle's Director of Marketing, Laura.

She showed off their line of products,

And fellow Lifestyler Kylie gave me a demo of their/our letterpressing and die cutting machines.  Here she lays out the cut for a cupcake crown . . .

Et voila, cupcake crown!

Lifestyle Crafts seems like a great business with a great line of products that I can see crafty types just eating up and I'm proud to be associated with it.  I bet these people all wind up millionaires if they aren't already.

The National Stationery Show runs through Thursday but I don't think you can go to it if you aren't in the business.  But if you want to go real bad I bet that can be arranged.


Sara said...

Two things:

1. My mom sold her cards at that trade show in the 80s, and one year, she won an award for one of her cards in the Javits Center.

2. There is a huge trade show center in downtown Atlanta called AmericasMart. I sneaked in with a friend once. You would love it.

Shauna said...

that exact same kylie hooked me up with the letterpress and all the inks and all the fancy stuff to try. I am 100% behind lifestyle crafts.