Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Pritchett Party

Saturday night, a big big night. It was the night we celebrated Claire's birthday.

Wooo! Birthday!

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

Amigos got together to celebrate with tacos at La Esquina. Basically this is the number one way to party below 14th street.

Amigos like Di, Jacob, and Alpha were there.

Leslie, Lars.
Me! And Claire's brother Will in town from MIT.

Jessica, in town for a spell after a summer spent in South America.

Nick, Casey.

Here Austin and Casey try to be totally candid bros.

These candid bros photo efforts are a tribute to an excellent candid picture I got of Claire and Alpha that, while it's super excellent, I am not posting here as a present to Claire until this post gets 200,000 Likes on Facebook. Don't worry, I'll email you daily to remind you to Like This Post.

I think all introductions have been made. Let's just focused on the sidewalk partyin' now.

Oh! What's this?! COUSINS!! Surprise, Claire's Mom! It's Cousin Time at La Esquina!

This is me, I was there. I let Jessica have a go with the M8 and she took a lot of these pictures. Credit where credits due, yo.

Oh wait, more introductions to people you may or may not know: Here's Broek and Ryan.

And, What? Suddenly Maria just rolls by in a van? Out of pure coincidence? What in the world? Crossroads of the Universe, this Esquina can be.

Oh, this is Amber.

This is a dude in a car.

Back to partyin. And reading BlackBerry birthday wishes, I'm sure.

Man! Everywhere you go its just blonde girls with their BlackBerries now.

Jessica was getting ambitious with the candids

and I'm not even sure if this guy was with us

And I definitely don't think this guy was with us either.

Listen. It was fun on that sidewalk, I don't want this picture to leave you with the wrong impression. And after everyone partied with their tacos they went to some place to dance and party and some of us (me) went home to stress out about Isaiah.

One More Thing: This party wasn't the only party Saturday night, there was also a Mulcock Party, celebrating Jeff's birthday and celebrating him bringing his family back to New York for a visit. We partied at Fatty 'Cue in Brooklyn and soon you will see how excellent it was.


Les said...

So, I am just another blonde with a Blackberry huh?!! Well, I think I can handle that. :) I like the pics. Fun night.

claire said...

You take me for a blackberry person?

Kathryn said...

Great cousin photo, Brigham--you up for the family Christmas card shoot?
--Claire's mom

Broek said...

Love me some blondes with blackberries.