Monday, September 13, 2010

Best if You Would Just Bear With Me, Please

Two Fridays ago when I flew out of La Guardia (bound for Utah) I was like "Holy smokes, look at this view of Manhattan I'm getting!"

And then I was like, "Holy smokes, we're turning down the Hudson, I can totally see my house from here!"

And I wasn't just saying that, I COULD totally see my house from there, as illustrated here in Figure 1. I looked for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument (Fig.2, below) and then looked up Riverside a few blocks and there was my house. And now that I have the picture, I can zoom in and see my own bedroom window! (Fig.3, below)

Figure 1: How to see my house from the airplane:

Figure 2: This is the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

Figure 3: This is what my bedroom window looks like from the ground. So now you've seen it from both angles.

Coming So Soon: Utah Trip Photo Supplements! They're totally all ready to go!

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Bek said...

i hate that you go to utah and not sf.