Thursday, September 09, 2010

Best Breakfast Ever!

First of all, took too many pictures in Utah. Don't even know where to start with them

Second of all, actually I do know where to start. Labor Day morning I had breakfast with Andrew, my first choice was CLOSED for the holiday, so instead I had the Best Breakfast Ever at Carl's Jr.

I went in there thinking I wanted something like a sausage on a biscuit and then I beheld the menu item known as the Breakfast Burger. And that's when I stopped looking at the menu and made my order.

Just a cheeseburger with egg, bacon, hashbrowns (that's the magic touch right there) and lots of ketchup.

I already told you it was the Best Breakfast Ever but let me show you a picture showing you that I gave it a thumbs up.

While I ate Andrew interviewed me and filled out a Comments card. Click and read for my feelings at the time. Oh, and why'd I give them a Fair for Quality of Service? Serious shortage of cashiers that morning. Had to wait longer than expected to order my Breakfast Burger.

The saddest part of the morning: My last bite of Breakfast Burger.

Andrew discovered our Customer Service Survey card had had a butterfly drawn on the back.

So he drew a horse on the next card in the stack to keep the spirit alive.

After the sandwich I was telling Andrew this story about how I had been trying to be a good uncle (and brother) the day before and instead made Rachel cry.

It was because I wouldn't let her have her silly rubber band back until she changed her clothes on Sunday like her mom had asked her too. I kept it in my fist, Rachel could not open my fist. That's what I illustrate here.

And then Rachel started to cry and cry when she couldn't get it, which wasn't my plan. I thought she'd go change out of her church clothes. No, she cried. And then, when she finally did change, I lost the rubber band and we thought the dog had eaten it. Nope. Ellie had it.

Would my breakfast have been even better with some chili cheese fries? Probably.

All right, you might be thinking really negative things about my wonderful Breakfast Burger right now but it gave me the energy that I needed to go on a hike designed with children, the elderly, and the handicapped in mind that afternoon. So it's not like it wasn't good for anything (besides deliciousness, of course).

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Side of Jeffrey said...

sometimes I feel like you write these posts with me in mind. Thanks for always documenting your fast food.