Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Movies of the Summer

Wow. It's September 15th, it's getting dark by 7, and I wore a sweatshirt Friday night. Summer is over and so is this year's summer movie season. I'll just say it: 2010 was one of the wackest movie summers in memory, but there were some highlights. Let me count them down.

Third Best Movie of the Summer: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim bears the honor of being the only movie I saw twice in the theater this summer, so that must mean I liked it. Also, it's the only movie of the summer I've considered seeing a third time, so that must mean I definitely liked it.

Runners-Up of Sorts: I would have seen Toy Story 3 again had the occasion come up. And for a while I was thinking about seeing Inception again but the feeling passed. And you know what, maybe I'd watch Salt again. Maybe.

Second Best Movie of the Summer: Breathless

As in the French movie from 1960 that was already one of my favorite movies. But it was playing at the Film Forum and I had never actually seen it on the big screen before. It had new subtitles that fixed some long-running gripes of Godard fandom and I feel I noticed a lot of new things, like: Wow, Belmondo's jacket doesn't fit him well.

Runners-Up of Sorts:
1. Came home from the best night of the summer with a bag full of tacos and found Star Wars was on TV in time to catch the Death Star run. 2. Came home from the 4th of July to find the Empire Strikes Back on TV in its third act. 3. And then there was that Saturday where my roommates and I watched just about the whole Original Trilogy when we found it playing on TV.

Best Movie of the Summer: That Commercial With the Hamsters

A highlight of every trip to the multiplex was this commercial was just about guaranteed to play before the movie. Who knew hamsters had the perfect bodies to play rappers? It was like seeing Biggie Smalls brought back to life.

I still don't know if I like the hamster in the washing machine or hamsters in the cardboard car best. That's what I like. A movie that keeps me thinking.

And the Worst Movie of the Summer? I did a good job of just not going to movies I sensed would be bad, but for some reason I thought Knight and Day wouldn't be a bad way to spend a morning and $6. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

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Dad said...

It's difficult to top hamsters. But my vote for best movie goes to Get Low, which has humor and heart, and an all-star cast giving all-star performances (Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray).

Not to be missed!