Friday, September 17, 2010

Best It Only Took Me 1000 Years

Crif Dogs has been famous for its deepfried hotdogs (and its "secret" bar nextdoor, PDT, the domain of fellow OPRF Class of 95'er Jim Meehan) for I don't know how long now and Wednesday night I finally went there for the first time. Finally.

I met up with frequent East Village dining-companion Leslie, back from a summer in Asia. We shared a Chihuahua Dog, a Spicy Redneck Dog, a Corn Dog, and some tater tots.

I made this myself! Half a Chihuahua, half a Spicy Redneck. Both were out of this world, the Chihuahua a bacon-wrapped dog with sourcream, avocado, and salsa. The Spicy Redneck a bacon-wrapped chili dog topped with jalepenos and coleslaw. I could have eaten four of both. Or, I like to imagine having eaten four of both.

The tater tots were tot perfection but the corn dog, as delicious as it might look here was, sigh, a bit of a failure. The breading . . . tasted like bread? Not cornbread. It tasted like it was wrapped in fried white bread, no, it tasted like it had been dipped in pancake batter. And you know I hate to give a corn dog a less than glowing review. (Find HERE an example of a corn dog that was to my liking)

But two out of three, dogwise that's a good way to go. So, if you are the other person in the world that hasn't been to Crif Dogs yet, please go. I recommend it highly.

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Bek said...

gross, but please take me with you the next time i'm in town.