Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Fat Guy in a T-Shirt Doing All the Singing

Friday night was the best. Friday I went with a mess of friends to see LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5. Got there a little early (didn't really mean to or anything) and snagged spots in the absolute front of the three or four thousand person venue, settled in, and my best rock night in ages. Perhaps years?

A band called Holy Ghost! opened. Apparently they've been around for three years or so and this was their third live performance ever (the first having been a week or two earlier). I do not wish to blaspheme, but they were awful good. Some of their songs had that kind of bass that's so low you can't breathe? That's one of my favorite sounds.

Now that we're between acts let me brief you on who was in attendance:

Tracy and Casey,

And all these guys

At precisely 9:35 James Murphy and crew took the stage and played for nearly two hours. Nearly two hours! That's serious.

The setlist:

Us v Them
Drunk Girls
Get Innocuous
Yr City's A Sucker
Pow Pow — Here I was surprised to find that most of the audience already knew all of the words.
Daft Punk is Playing at My House — The beginning was changed up a bit so I didn't recognize it at all at first.
All I Want
All My Friends
I Can Change

Someone Great
Losing My Edge
New York, I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down
Empire State of Mind

Pretty great line up, I was real happy to hear Tribulations and Yeah (I had worried it'd be left out now that they have so many new long songs). Only gripes: They didn't play Dance Yrslf Clean off the new record and it's like their best new song (it and I Can Change, if you ask me) and Honestly, it could have been louder. It was loud, but it definitely could have been louder.

(spoiler alert!)
(end spoiler!)

During All My Friends Nancy the keyboardist started to cry. After the song she said "It's just good to be home." Who knew dance rock could be so emotional?

Ira Glass on guitar?
This is during Yeah. This song always produces a total meltdown, absolute chaos. My life flashed before my eyes as its torrents of awesomeness passed over me, I kid not.

They wrapped up the encore with New York I Love You transitioning into the chorus from "Empire State of Mind" (yes, I mean the Jay-Z/Alicia Keyes song) and then . . .

Massive Balloon Drop!

Who knew hipsters would go so bonkers for balloons?

After show, waiting for the crowd to thin, fist bumpin' with my boy Casey. He's my boy.

So I guess that makes me related to Alyssa, but this is supposed to be a spyon-the-super-drunk-guy picture.

If you were wondering where your shoes went, you left them in the middle of the floor. Now it makes more sense to me that they've got that new Drunk Girls song.

Exiting, finally. Elegantly.

Had a little after party at a nearby fancy McDonalds.

The man that kept me alive in Brazil.

And I couldn't figure out if this was graffiti or odd new graphic design from our Ronald McDonald friends.

Supplemental Reading: Here's all the other times I saw LCD . . . kind of ashamed of that three year gap, what can you do?

Fourth Time: Bower Ballroom, April 2007
Third Time: Webster Hall, with Public Enemy, among Others. September 2005.
Second Time: Metro (Chicago), May 2005
First Time: Bowery Ballroom, April 2005


Side of Caitlin said...

Looks amazing and I'm so jealous. They are coming to Chicago this week but unfortunately the show is sold out. BUMMER!!!

Brigham said...

Consider the Pitchfork Music Festival? Saturday July 17th?

Side of Jeffrey said...

We did consider pitchfork...but the baby is an impedement. And seriously, do we want to see ALL those bands just to get a shortened set of LCD? Okay, I do want to see some of those bands. I'm checking craigs list right now for this week.

But seriously readers, if you haven't been there when LCD plays Yeah, then you don't get shiz.

English said...

Tribulations and Yeah: Two of my favorites as well. I also like the rarely played, frenetic "Give It Up"

Soundsystem is one of those rare shows where the audience only watches the band half the time due to a chronic case of dancing.

"Only gripes: They didn't play Dance Yrslf Clean" - Easily. That song is so good.

Opens up this recent party mix I now give to you:

Bek said...

i hope there's still cool stuff left for us to do when i get there.