Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Best Unresistable Force

I bring my lunch to work as often as possibly possible—but still, a few days a week I have to venture out of the office in search of something to eat. Usually I have a meal in mind (at times, something in mind that I've been craving [Chipotle, street meat, Chinese buffet] other times it's something in mind to be resigned to (Subway, the lousy soup at the deli next door, Chinese buffet) and other times I'm walking along and my lunch finds me.

For example:

I'm a fool for specialty, limited-time burgers—a foolishness much more frequently satisfied by Burger King than McDonald's—and this delicious-looking Whiplash Whopper was something I was born to be a fool for. (It was even more intriguing for the brief moment before I realized it was an Iron Man 2 tie-in burger . . . seriously, if there was no Iron Man 2, what could a Whiplash Whopper be? For some reason I imagine there being barbed wire on it.)

I assumed the crispies in the poster were onion petals of some sort, like from last year's wonder Angry Whoppers, but turns out they were fried peppers. Combine those with a peppery mayo and you've got a pleasantly zingy sandwich on your hand (or all over your hands, as it were). A review I later found at A Hamburger Today recommended discarding the Whopper's flavor-challenged tomato for a fully above average lunchtime burger—a tip I anticipate following soon, quite possibly as early as this Saturday in a post-Tony Stark Returns Celebration. (10:45 @ 34th Street Loews, don't sleep.)

Also of note over at AHT: Lengthy praise for the Smashburger smashburger—a little too positive a review for me to agree with wholeheartedly (I thought the Smashburger smashburger was fine, but in need of bun and toppings related improvements). This reviewer at the hamburger blog, has he had many hamburgers? (I just checked the review in hopes that it wasn't by Nick Solares, AHT's usual reviewer, oops, it was)


Side of Jeffrey said...

Your post inspires me. Now I must try.

Brigham said...

While you're there please try the regionally-exclusive country pork sandwich and report to the envious (me.)