Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Regarding Television, Quickly

The NBC Thursday Night Comedy Season Finales:

Community I call baloney on the multiple romantic confessions/last second revelations. This show doesn't take itself seriously (not a bad thing) but suddenly it expects us to?

Parks and Recreation I call baloney on this one not coming back until 2011. Definitely suddenly my favorite NBC show and I accept its multiple romantic confessions. The best thing that ever happened to this show was when it realized no one was caring about Anne and Mark.

The Office Everything was fine.

30 Rock I don't watch this show. It's silly.

1 comment:

English said...

Yeah, after two hilarious community episodes the finale was joke less.

I feel like Parks and Rec was just hitting stride. I mean it just barely won me over from "I don't need another mock-doc office show in my life."