Monday, February 02, 2009

Best What I Took Away from the Superbowl

The most interesting thing for me about the Superbowl was the GI Joe movie commercial.  I almost liked it.  I liked all the running around and exploding.  I liked the Eiffel Tower disintegrating.  Why?  Because that totally seems like something that would have happened on the old cartoon, and that's where these movies come from: cartoons.  But what I DON'T like is this was the first time I realized this movie was being directed by What's-His-Face Summers, the guy that made the Mummy movies, the absolute worst action movies I've ever seen.  I've almost never seen my dad as angry as he was after we saw the Mummy Returns as a family--he couldn't believe someone would make such a terrible movie and that he gave two hours of his precious Saturday to it.  It was hard to convince him that the Mummy Returns was actually better than the Mummy.

And the Transformers 2 commercial.  Yeah.  Looks like more of the same, I couldn't tell what was happening at all and one of the robots has a giant wheel.

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