Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best Excellence in her Field

The other weekend Karen "" Rusten was in town and we had a little lunch in Brooklyn at the Roebling Tea Room. Karen took some pictures of me and one of them has so far been quite well-received on Facebook (did I just write something nerdy?) so I thought I'd post them all here.

These two are the "Spanning Time" series:

This is the "Servant of Mammon" photo.

And this is the "Hey, you got me right after I checked the photo I took of you" picture.

And, for the record, here's the picture I took of the artist just before the capturing of the candid moment above.

Karen now eschews digital in favor of the elegance of film. Don't you want to too? Remember to contact Karen for all your portrait and wedding-photo needs. Or Jared for all your masterfully-crafted furniture needs.

Karen's Website
Jared Website


Rebekah said...

will you wear this shirt the next time i see you?

Anonymous said...

hey briggie i was just on facebook swooning over your photo and it reminded me that i wanted to come to this site to begin with. i miss you and i love you, you handsome bastard