Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Hey, why don't I post something?

I started working again, I blame that for no posts. Also, I blame not feeling like posting. Let me talk about the sorts of things I talk about...


I got Thursday off and I decided to fill it with learning. I heard about a taco spot in Astoria that was supposed to make the absolute best tacos al pastor so I headed out there. I got to the taco shop, "Los Portales", at was closed! Sign said it was open every day from 2pm to 2am. ? What in the world kind of taco shop is open from 2pm to 2am? Is there some religion that doesn't allow working before 2pm? I decided to kill the time by, uhm, getting a snack at another little Mexican place I had passed on my way to Los Portales. Err, my snack wound up being surprisingly filling...I walked back to Los Portales a bit past 2, things were a little slow around there, they were serving people, but the pastor spit wasn't going, they were just pulling meat out of containers. I decided to hold off and return some night when hopefully it would be bustling and I could get a proper proper taco al pastor, you know, give Los Portales a chance to show me their best rather than try their back up plan first.

(and for the record, Thursday night I had 96th street taco truck. Because that's how life is to be lived: as much Mexican as possible. I had a huevo and chorizo torta, I should eat a lot more of those. Doesn't count as breakfast for dinner, ok?)


First, I'm glad Kenley did well on PR this week. I didn't want it to be a fluke that she got this far. I like that the judges liked what she did so much.

I saw that first episode of Kath & Kim. I've been told it got terrible reviews, but I liked it. I liked that all the men worked in the mall. I liked that the ladies were never too mad at each other to not stop dead in their argument to get excited about an article of clothing. I wonder where they are supposed to live. Riverside? I think this will be like the My Name is Earl that I like.

This week's Office was definitely better than the last one. And funny how there was no Pam in it, huh? (except for her voice)

Thanks to me digging and the internet, I've seen the first two episodes of the new season of Friday Night Lights. Of course it's good. The first episode was better than this week's. They're certainly trying to fit as much as possible into each episode as this time they know they have to get a whole football season in in just 12 or 13 episodes. So the episodes feel a lot like the second half of the third season of Arrested Development. So it suffers a bit for that. But I couldn't possibly get mad at it. Also, this Jumbotron plot totally reminds me of the only episode of Family Ties that I ever watched--the daughter was taking on her college for spending all the money on a big new scoreboard instead of books, or something...way to copy the Keaton's, Peter Berg.


Nick and Norah's was nice, but no big deal. "Cute", I think that's the proper word. I successfully didn't let it bother me that they were always driving between points that were only a few blocks apart. Or that the recording studio (in real life) is across the street from the Grey's Papaya they were at earlier in the movie or that they probably could have gotten a closer parking spot than they did.

I saw a midnight screening of the Dark Crystal last night, really, that one deserves its own big post.


M said...

first, watched PR with my mom last week...didn't think anyone in the known universe actually like kenley. but she does. in fact, she can't understand why everyone was so "mean" to her. has she been watching the same show?

second, now i want to go watch dark crystal myself. and labrynth.

merebuff said...

Umm.. kind of jealous that you have seen two episodes of Fridy Night Lights. Being without Direct TV, I have to wait all too impatiently for the season...unless someone invites me over...