Monday, October 06, 2008

Best Don't Worry, I Still Eat

I know, it seems I just read books now. Don't be fooled, I still eat food and take pictures of it. Here's some stuff I've had this last week.

Last week I went to this new place in the East Village called Porchetta where their specialty is porchetta, an Italian roasted pork dish of sorts. I had Porchetta's porchetta sandwich which was just the pork on delicious, buttered bread with a side of bitter but tasty greens. You know I like pig so believe me, I liked this meal.

Serious Eats had an informative write-up on the restaurant worth taking a look at if you want to learn more. Click.

This weekend I ate at Mr. Skewer's Brazilian Grill for the first time. Mr. Skewer's Brazilian Grill is this fast-foodish place that opened a few blocks away from my house on very unlovely 14th street between 6th and 5th. It's been there a while and I've just wondered what it was all about...Saturday I found out. It's about gigantic sandwiches and totally messing up Jeff's order, that's what it's about. Still, my sandwich was fine and the menu left plenty to explore should I ever go back. Might happen.

Today. Today was my last "day off" before my next temp assignment, so I had to celebrate the occasion of having work to go to AND bemoan the dying of my freedom all in one meal. How is this best done? With some Momofuku, of course!

Recently the Ssam Bar changed their lunch menu and got rid of the lunch box options that I was such a big fan of, I'm not ready to go back there during daylight hours. So it was the Noodle Bar that I visited today with Kristin and this was a very genius thing to have done. There were lots of things on the menu that were either new or hadn't been on it for a while, so delicious discoveries were made.

First, we had a couple of pork buns, because that's necessary. No picture, I trust you remember the pure look of deliciousness from other postings.

Next, I tried their "Soy Sauce Egg", a medium-boiled egg (that means hardboiled but the yolks still runny [awesome]) that had been marinated in soy sauce (not sure if that was before or after boiling, I think it was before.) Salty and savory and excellent, it got gobbled up before it could get remembered, but here's some of the garnish...

Next, those magnificent Momofuku chicken wings.

Helpless against finger-licking.

Finally (yes, lost control and went all out) finished off with their Niman Ranch Tri-tip steak with kimchi butter and crisp potatoes. Holy moley! It was spicy, it was salty, it was magnificently medium-rare. It was like the brick of happiness that broke the good day camel's back and I just couldn't help but be extremely cheerful for the rest of the day thanks to how Excellent this steak was AND because of what a great job all that other food had done in leading up to this course. I can't really explain it and this is only going to sound wrong and bad, but imagine the most delicious thing they could possibly cook at Chili's and that's what this steak was like. Again, I think salty, spicy, and meaty is my favorite flavor combination.

With so much goodness happening we couldn't resist ordering some soft serve at the end of the meal. Currently the flavors are oatmeal and grape...they top that off with some granola and basically you're eating breakfast ice cream which is such a good idea!

Kristin shooting to be the Gyro Girl of the exotic soft serve world.

Walking back through the village ran into this cheery band of paparazzi staking out the Felt Building on 13th street...apparently that's where Tom, Katie, and Suri live when they're in the city? Saw no celebrities ourselves, no biggie, had the most delicious lunch possible in the world today, I'm not going to complain about anything.


Brittany Watson said...

Good job B-you can cross Brazilian off the list.

Brig said...

But I think I was a little off the mark when it came to what we really had in mind with Brazilian.