Friday, September 19, 2008

Best Third Road Trip in a Row

The past three weekends* I've spent at least sometime out of the city, and I didn't even plan that to happen. Last Saturday I went with Duane to Hartford for the UVA/UCONN football game (Duane is a UVA grad, that was the impetus of the interest). It was my first football game since becoming ingrained with Friday Night Lights fascination earlier this year and pretty much the whole time that's all I thought about and when they played "Welcome to the Jungle" over the loudspeakers all my heart heard was Explosions in the Sky.

Of course, gamewise, it wasn't such great television as the Huskies beat the 'Hoos 42 to 10 (or something like that).

Afterwards I had my first Taco Bell Volcano Taco and it was awesome.

*Montauk (not yet blogged) and Gettysburg (quite blogged) were the other two trips. And if I were more proactive, maybe I'd be gone this weekend, too.


Side of Jeffrey said...

I may be having a Volcano Taco this afternoon.

Michael Barnes said...

Brig, I just saw that you came to Hartford! I got a job at Hartford Insurance and live in West Hartford so if you come up here again you will have to let me know. We are going to try to make it to NYC in a month or two, I'll give you a call.

Neve said...

It really looks like one of your best family vacation trip.