Friday, September 05, 2008

Best Fun While It Lasted

Very soon I will be computerless again as my time of babysitting Collin's imac has ended. It was wonderful to be able to see you all again and I hope new MacBooks are announced before the end of October and also that the money I have saved stays saved so that we can be together again someday.

If I could have, I would have blogged about these things:

1) How my brother Greg made a CD and they've been playing it on Chicago's most respectable rock station.

2) How I went to Montauk last weekend.

3) How I read two big comicbooks yesterday, one of which was great--Identity Crisis. Wow. I had heard good things and now I'm on the bandwagon.

4) The trip to Gettysburg that I'm about to take.

5) Probably some other things, too.

Ok. That's it.

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