Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best Oh Yeah...

I just discovered something! Apparently I went to Montauk a month ago? Well, I must have, because I've got all these pictures. Let me try to remember the tale.

The way I think it happened is that a bunch of people went up on Friday but Liz and I rode out on Sunday afternoon. Liz came super-prepared with red velvet cupcakes for both of us (Along with bottles of milk! That's thinking!)

At one point our train filled with some totally obnoxious partiers well-suited for MTV's Spring Break for a few hours, but they all got off at Bridgehampton (I think). So we learned a lesson: Never go to Bridgehampton! This is an attempt at photographing a beer belt, something I had never seen before that day, and on that day I saw so many of them!

This is how you eat and blackberry at the same time, if you're me. And no, that's not my b.berry. If you know me you know that, when it comes to smartphones, I'm holding out (somewhat impossibly it sometimes seems) for a job where they give me one.

During the ride I had opportunities to say things like, "Oh, this is Southampton."

If you didn't know, Montauk at the very end of Long Island. It takes a little more than three hours by train to get there. But when you do get there you feel nice and far away from the city. This is from the window as we were arriving.

And this is arrived and aboard a taxi van to the beach. Something learned: if you're going to Montauk, get ready for a lot of taxi van rides.

Zippin' through Montauk on our way to the beach.

Everyone had been at the beach all day and was beginning to head back to the hotel so we met up with Ali and hopped in the rental Focus for our ride back to the hotel. Don't worry! We weren't all mad that we missed our day at the beach, that was pretty much the idea we had in leaving Sunday afternoon for Montauk. Things were tight in the Montauk beach parking lot.

This photo is to illustrate how Liz was telling Ali how much room was left as we were trying to get out of our parking spot. It was a lot like the first Austin Powers when he's trying to turn the cart around in the hallway. If you remember that...

But fortunately we got out eventually and headed over to our neat hotel, the Sun n Sound. Time was spent at the pool (cuz, you know, after a day at the beach the next thing to do is hit the pool) where I swam four lengths underwater on one breath! Because that's what I do when I get to pools! Do I have pictures from pooltime? No, of course not. I'm not going to put my camera in those sorts of dangerous situations.

The back of the hotel, the part facing the sound.

Keeping the maid out.

Montauk was full of all-stars that weekend, such as dear old Fernie.

Jen is an talented artistic photographer, this is one of her artsy photos.

People started grillin' and Liz and I did a little exploring because we were the new people and needed to understand our environment better. As you can see in this photo (and, if you look closely, in the photo above) I was wearing shorts. At the beginning of the summer there was this conversation I had with Kristin or Lindsay where she was like "Briggie, do you ever wear shorts? 'Cuz we've never seen you in shorts." And I said "That's probably because we made friends in the winter? And it's only the beginning of the summer right now?" But, truth be told, even in summer I don't wear shorts so often...but really I should because I felt so great, just walking around in my shorts without any socks, so free and so happy.

If you were wondering, your brother hid your shoes on the roof.

Our explorations took us up the coast of the sound, eventually to this thing of rocks sticking out into the sea. Out on the rocks we admired the environs even more and eventually got an important phone call alerting us to the fact that Dinner. Was. Ready!

Something you don't always see on this blog are pictures of me, but this post has plenty. Earlier this summer I was way into my fake Wayfarers, but they broke, so at this point I was way into my fake aviators, which were also kind of broken...just less than my cooler shades.

Dinner! Burgers and corn on the grill, treats all over the table. Don't worry, Trevor isn't angry at me, he's just telling me where my burger is (at the other grill).

I'm only worried that it's going to be too delicious.

See! Told you Montauk was full of all-stars. Paul, Kristin, and Peter!

Something I forgot to remind you of was that this trip was over Labor Day weekend. I spent Memorial Day weekend (the Saturday part) with Kristin, Caroline, and Lindsey at Six Flags (remember?). This is like our reunion photo from when everyone was like "Oh my gosh, that's right, Memorial Day AND Labor Day!"

Ali and Lisa going to town on a cob of corn.

And then Rustin swoops in to attack it, too. (In the Director's Cut of this post there's about 34 more pictures involving chowing on corn cobs and the mess that can make)


The sun disappeared.

Clearing up a little stray-kernel problem that was discovered post-photo.


Some music-less dancing broke out.

Good dude Evan over there on the right is showing off a move called "the Salmon."

After the eating and the partying we went "into town" which is really sort of an impossibility in Montauk, more like we went into the place where they sell ice cream and also hang up fish. Are you ready for really gross fish totems? Here they are...

On the way back to the hotel we mistreated someone's decorative boat. See! Look at all these people, Montauk was crawling with all-stars, that's what I've been trying to tell you!

Then there was laying out in the total blackness looking up at the stars until someone surprises everyone (or almost-surprises, because it looks like Liz was a little ready for this?) with a flash photo bursting through the darkness.

The next morning, Lisa had a little accident involving the cream cheesing of her bagel. Can you figure out what it was? Here's a hint: she did not just have a pedicure and she is not waiting for her toenails to dry.

Monday was spent at the beach. It was sunny, the water was cold, the waves were belligerent, my towel was tiny, I didn't have any treats, I didn't know what to do with myself. So I took some walks. And that's what I'm going to finish this post off with, photos from walks along the coast and how fun erosion is.

There were these stone towers along the way here and there.

And while photographing one, the magical gnome responsible for its creation appeared in my shot!

And pretty much that's what I've got to say about Labor Day weekend in Montauk a month ago. It was fun. You should've gone.

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oh wow..if this is a tribute to a twenty four hour trip I can't wait to see a tribute to a weekend trip..