Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best I Don't Know What to Do

Last weekend I was in the Czech Republic for my buddy Jeff's wedding. I took about 1100 pictures and I just don't know what to do with them. I might never know what to do with them. But here, let me give you the quickest possible overview. I don't want this blog to sit here gathering cobwebs.

Thursday: Left EWR, flew to Amsterdam.

Friday: Walked around Amsterdam and ate at Burger Bar before flying to Prague with Helen.

Arrived in Prague, met up with Cassie, went to dinner with the wedding people.

After dinner Jeff's roommate Ryan surprised him by being in Prague.

Saturday: Walked around the city in the morning.

Crossed the Charles Bridge and explored Prague Castle in the afternoon.

Went and saw La Traviata in the evening.

Sunday: Got up early and drove to the famous Bone Church.

Then went to the castle where Jeff and Noelle would be getting married.

Then went to this storybook town and ate dinner in an 800 year old restaurant.

Monday: There was a wedding!

Tuesday: Back in Prague, Ryan and Helen and I went into the woods and explored on rocks.

And then we swam in the hotel pool and went out into the city once or twice more.

Wednesday: Left the hotel at 4am and started my way back to America. In Amsterdam goodbyes had to be said.

And then, boom, there I was. Back in America.

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