Sunday, February 16, 2014

Best Here's Just Some Stuff

Photos of things that happened, from between the middle-ish of January to the middle-ish of February.

One night I went and saw the New Bomb Turks at the Bellhouse. They opened for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the first concert I ever went to, nearly exactly 20 years ago (oh man oh geeze). I hadn't seen them since then. What did I think? I'll tell you later.

One Monday afternoon I went up to Charles Country Pan Fried Chicken in Harlem with Jesse and Charles.

It was absolutely the best. You can get either a few pieces of chicken with two sides for $12 or All You Can Eat for $16, which includes drinks and desserts and anything you can think to ask them for.

Busy security guard.  See him? Over there in the corner? Protecting the gigantic room?

There was a East Village Dessert Crawl (Treat Trot?) for Emily's birthday. This photo is from the taco-centric after party, though.


Something I learned from showing up later: If you drop an egg on the street in freezing cold weather, it turns into white and yellow styrofoam. 

One Saturday morning I found myself eating really nice tacos on Staten Island. Were it not such a crazy trip I'd go right back. Or, maybe because it was such a crazy trip I should go right back right now.

Cockfight art in the establishment.

I took this photo of this photo but I did not take the photo, you know?

Andy had his birthday. 

I had to improvise, wrapping paper-wise.

This Nestle Quik Jeep is always parked outside Andy's house.

It even has a cute little tail.

Chinatown Store Cat



Brother in Law Cory was in town. For lunch we had Peter Luger Burgers and for dinner we went wild at Frankies. But these are just the appetizers.

I took him over to Big Gay for dessert and I tried their new Rocky Road soft serve.

It has been cold and freezing and snowy and grey all the time, but not all the time.

I said Not All the Time!

Ok, maybe all the time.

Had a real real nice breakfast sandwich from the Earl of Sandwich.

Right before I flew off to Nashville, but I already told you about that trip.


One night real recently I had kind of fancy currywurst. Sure, you can dress currywurst up, but really you don't have to.

One Sunday I walked across the park. 2/3rds of the way in I realized it was a mistake.

Don't worry. This was for a TV show.

Neighborhood Valentine stallion.

Neighborhood super great square slice. Lookit those pepperonis! Prince Street Pizza. It's one of those places you, like, have never ever heard of but the walls are covered in articles about it from the Daily News and such.

Tried this shirt on. Didn't buy it. Should I have?

Still more of this, no matter how sunny it might suddenly be for an afternoon.

Valentine's Afternoon I went to a From Home Workers Office Party but all I got was this picture of Jacob. And a blondie.


Dad said...

I would have bought the shirt, so maybe it's good you didn't.

So much great food.

sarah said...

Don't you already have that shirt?

Brigham said...

See Sarah! Good thing I didn't! I'm always buying things that look like things I have, if I liked it the first time it makes sense to me that I'd like it a second time.