Monday, February 24, 2014

Best Additional Hamburger Research

My friend Chelsea (mastermind behind my birthday shark cake) took me to task on my burger post from a week or two back and basically told me I didn't know anything if I hadn't tried the Slav burger from Korzo Haus in the East Village. I told her I'd love to try it, and then on Saturday I found myself trying it, just like that!

This burger is quite unique in that it's deep fried inside its bun. This is like a European thing that you've never heard of, even if you've been to Europe. Deepfrying within a bun. After cooking they slice it open and stuff the bun with pork neck, sauerkraut, caraway seeds, juniper berries and a Romanian sheep's milk cheese. The result is very good, quite unique. (Like I said a few sentences ago). That's a problem with writing a blog post off the top of your head. If you use one expression, it sometimes embeds in your brain and then you wind up using it a few more times because it's already loaded in your RAM or something.

Not the best picture of me (by any measure) but I wanted you to see my new Tacos hat if you haven't seen it yet. Basically I am trying to run off to LA for a weekend right now just to show off my Tacos hat.

We all shared a very nice plate of spatzle. Very, very nice. Excellently thick little pieces of bacon in there, too.

Here, on the right, is Chelsea, the day's mastermind (if you scroll back up to the top you'll see this is the second time I've called her a mastermind in this post).

Jesse and Brenda.

After our meal (and maybe some people had milkshakes and maybe some people had fries) we sought sun and couldn't find it until we got to Union Square.

Where we also found ourselves in the middle of a Venezuela demonstration.

A few other things I saw walking around that afternoon:

My Smoking Sombrero Man friend from El Aguila apparently spends his weekends on the Lower East Side now.

(I mean, there couldn't possibly be two smoking sombrero men statues, right?)

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Dad said...

Do they serve the burger with deep fried Twinkies? That would be a meal to remember.