Friday, July 05, 2013

Best Let Me Try to Tell You About LA, pt. 1

Okay, even though I've shown you some LA stuff, let's pretend you're just finding out that I went there?

After a day and a half of a lot of driving, I found myself in California on a sunny Tuesday morning.  Grandma lives in San Marino, by Pasadena.  And Pasadena town hall is what they use for Pawnee town hall.  On Parks and Rec.

Grandma saw Jackie Robinson run a 96 yard return in a Pasadena College football game.

When I see an Aston Martin parked at the Del Taco I just get a feeling that everything's going to turn out ok for me.

Tuesday night I went and saw a taping of Doug Loves Movies at the LA UCB.  His surprise guests that night were Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, and Rory Scovel.  Crowd went a little nuts for the first two.  Zach picked my neighbor's nametag for the Leonard Maltin Game (I realize that might not make any sense to you) and had an extended conversation with her about her former job working the Universal Studio's Transformers ride.

I'm feeling all mixed-up about dates.  But I think it was Wednesday night that I met up with the Mapps at a little Mexican place in Hollywood that had caught my eye on a previous trip.

You might ask why I might be interested in this particular taco stand.  But you'd have to be asking sarcastically.

Very nice tacos, even better tortas.

And real Mexican Fanta in the heavy glass bottles my muscle memory recognized from 17 years ago.

Then there was this one day, maybe Thursday? when Collin and I went to Yang Chow with Grandma. We dared to try a few new dishes (sichuan noodles and spicy asparagus and green beans) and we were rewarded for our adventuring.

Then we headed over to the Huntington Library for a spell.

The Huntington Library has gone from a place I resented visiting as a child to a spot I'm happy to show off as an adult.

Most of the library is being renovated so you can only see tech and science stuff in that building right now.

But in the Huntington home you can still see all the art and stuff.

After nearly dying in the heat as we explored the gardens we headed to 7-11 for refreshment.  I tried an Orange Bang! and a lime-cucumber Gatorade.  Because I love learning!

And if I remember correctly, it was that night that I met Collin at Chego's new location in Chinatown for a late dinner.

So much ooey gooey goodness, so much 90's rap playing on the speakers, total food heaven.

The famous and generous Steak Through Your Heart sandwich.

An Asian-Mexican riff of a dessert of some sort.  Was it a tres leches variation or something?  Can't remember.

Goodnight, LA.

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