Thursday, July 25, 2013

Best Berlin Prologue: Airport and Airplane Stuff

So that trip to Berlin that I took?  I still don't know where to start with my posts about it.

So why not start at the very beginning? It's a very good place to begin.

Many Tuesdays ago now I arrived at JFK from SLC at around 6 in the morning.  I ran home (via trains) to my apartment to get my passport and repack and was back to JFK a few hours later.  For to fly to Berlin.

To get their I'd be flying Air France with a brief layover in Paris. Finally! My first trip to Paris.

I liked the looks of my Air France chair.

The menu made my dinner sound a lot better than it was.

It looks better on paper, right?

In order to battle jet lag I had this plan: I didn't sleep at all from SLC to JFK, or nap in New York, and then I was going to sleep the whole way across the ocean.  Which I pretty much did.  The idea was that then I'd totally be on Europe-time.  Which maybe I was?  But still I was dead tired upon arrival.  Not jetlagged, just worn out.  That's what I kept saying.

Approaching Paris . . .

Beautiful Paris, City of Lights!

Passport control at Charles De Gaulle was a total panic attack, the sort of thing that digressed from "I don't mind a line, I've got plenty of time" to standing there ready to tear your hair out as the minutes ticked by quicker and quicker.  But I made it through and I made it to my gate and I walked right on to my next plane.

Adios, France!

Neutral airspace.

And then descended upon Berlin, which looked very European from the air.

And rather European from the ground.

In the distance, that's my plane. We had to take a bus over to the terminal, a hundred yards or so away.

And now I've accomplished my goal for the night: To at least get myself to Berlin, blogwise.  Soon I'll be showing you sausages and parks and bike rides.  Soon.

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