Monday, July 08, 2013

Best Let Me Try to Tell You About LA, pt. 2

And then there was this day where I went sailing with the Mapps and their family and friends.  I think it was a Saturday.  A not very macho thing about me is I'm afraid of sailboats. Well, maybe not afraid.  I just really dislike going on them, I don't know if I'd rather go on a sailboat or to a karaoke party.  BUT this sailboat ride was fun and easy!  We even saw a sunfish, but boy did we wish it were a shark.

Looking at those last four photographs, maybe I need to switch up how I frame my photos?

After the sailing adventure we went to a birthday party for a guy that draws backgrounds for Bob's Burgers.  Russell was there!

He made me a burger, Russel Style!

And you know what else they had there?  Dorito-flavored taco flavored Doritos.  I now wait in anticipation for the Dorito-flavored taco flavored Dorito flavored taco.

We then found ourselves in Beverly Hills for a minute where everyone was freaking out about this Bugatti.  What?  You've never seen a $2 million sportscar before?

Checked to make sure Uncle Frank's portrait was still on display at the Ralph Lauren store.  It was. 

Visited a comic book store that I give an A for curb appeal but a serious C for organization and offerings.

Back to Grandma's once more.

Had shockingly good burgers at Coco's thanks to a coupon from the day's paper.  I was totally surprised.  I still crave this mushroom swiss prime rib cheeseburger.

At church on Sunday there were pictures up from the Activities Girls activity Grandma had helped with earlier that week.

Sunday afternoon, before calling it a trip, I walked to see the turtles at Caltech.  They were out in droves!  They were even up on the sidewalk there were so many.

And that was basically my Los Angeles trip.  Next: Utah!

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sarah said...

That totally does look like your Uncle Frank!