Monday, July 15, 2013

Best And Then I Went to Utah, pt.1

Before we can talk about my trip to Berlin we need to talk about my trip to Utah because I liked it a lot.  I had a real good time over there.

I've seen a lot of people lately posting they were amazed that there's a Shake Shack at JFK.  Myself, I was amazed to see a Cafe Rio upon my arrival at the airport.  For Utahns who can't wait to get out of the airport to have it or need one last fix before leaving town?

My first night in Utah we had a real great FHE at Kristen's house.  It'll get it's own post later.  And also, that's where I stayed this trip.  At Kristen and Cory's, in Highland.

Second day I took Grandma to lunch at the Blue Iguana.

That evening Cindy organized an outing of old amigos to try this place by her house called El Cabrito. 

I had the carnitas plate.  It was so stinkin' good.  Rice and beans were on point, too.

After dinner I chilled at her house with Jared, good ol' days-style.

The next day I took Ellie, Blake and Rachel to see the Croods.  It wasn't so bad.  We got a lot of treats.

We saw it at the Water Gardens theater.  Last time I was at that theater was May 19, 1999.  Watching the Phantom Menace.  Twice.

The thing about Highland is not only is it so safe that you can just leave your bicycle in the middle of the sidewalk for days, you can also leave your bicycle in front of a totally different house for days and it'll be fine.  I know this because this is the sidewalk in front of my sister's house, but these vehicles did not belong to the Edwards.  And they were there for a while.

That night I went to Blake's Pack Night.  It had been a long time since my last Pack Night.  And then I went with Kristen and Cory to see Superman. 

The next day I went up to Logan because Andrew was in town because his parents had just come home form their mission.  I wish I had remembered to take their photo.

We went to Andrew's sister's house and watched his niece Kate shoot her bow and arrow.  I first met Kate when she was, I don't know, 1? 2?

And now she teaches,


I turned out to be a quick learn with the blow gun.

Then Jacob took Andrew for a ride on his four-wheeler.

Later we'd go see that movie called Now You See Me.  It was a bunch of nonsense.

Came home to Andrew's folks' that night to find my bed made up with trademark Berthrong hospitality.

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