Thursday, August 05, 2010

Best Throwback Saturday

Saturday evening all these old rock bands were playing at Lincoln Center, outside, for free. Pretty hard to pass that up (I didn't pass it up).

The first band was DEATH, a pre-punk trio of African American gentlemen who were active from 1971 to 1976.

This was them back in the day:

This is them at Lincoln Center. Lots of dreads. What you can't see is the drummer was wearing a red bowler and sequin tie. Also what you can't see: Just about anything. I'm sorry.

After Death, the band that got me down to this thing: the Gories, a shakin' and stompin' budget r&b garage band active from the late eighties to mid-nineties that I got into in college.

Back in the day:

And right now:

Remember my problem with kids at the Wavves show? I did not have this problem Saturday night. The bands were pretty good, but nothing got out of hand. Everything stayed age appropriate and kind of goofy? As I said to Jeff and Steven, "This is like the rock concert equivalent of a stake mid-singles activity."

The last band that we saw? "? and the Mysterians" the 1960's garage rockers famous for their hit, "96 Tears."

Back in the day:

Up in Lincoln Center:

The question on our minds: "What will the band with a hit from the 60s everyone wants to hear play besides the hit?" The answer: Covers of other hits. Wise. But the question that should have been on our minds: "What will ? wear?" The answer: More Prince-than-Prince rock n roll ladyclothes. Of course.

(Just how you imagined, Kat? Circle One: Yes/No)

All in all, how to evaluate this night of free influential rock? Steven here embodies the feeling: my heart smiled slightly and stood with its arms folded in approval.


miss kitty said...

even nastier, in fact.

Brigham said...

I'm disinclined to here make any disparaging comments on the range (long or short) of your imagination.