Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Best I am an Old Grouch

Preface: I'm not the #1 Wavves fan in the whole world, they've just been coming up a lot lately, and this is a blog about what comes up a lot in my land.

I had heard/read that Wavves concerts were often disastrous meltdowns, so I avoided them last year. But now that they've put out a focused album of tighter music, I thought perhaps they now maybe their concerts had gotten more serious, too?

Well, this is what I think about the show:

I hate kids.

The music was good, the music was loud (and the show only $13, which I thought was nice of them), but I hate kids.

"Don't you mean you hate hipsters?"

No, what I hate are kids and their texting and their tweeting and their moshpits (seriously?) and their stage diving (no, Seriously?!) and their thinking Wavves are being sued for calling a song Mickey Mouse when they're in trouble for stealing the Da Doo Run Run Sample. They all need haircuts and should be focusing more on their studies and not on being the most obnoxious creatures ever born.

(But I don't hate kids nearly as much as I hate the MTA . . . nearly two hours to get home from the Lower East Side on a Monday night? Are you people serious? How much more money would you like me to pay you just to perform the service for which you were created?)

However, I'd like to commend openers Smith Westerns for being fine young men who could play good songs on their instruments and not act like total jokers.

Good thing we had Popeyes before the show. Love those chickens and biscuits. So much.

I think I'm going to switch to liking No Age more than Wavves because maybe their shows attract an older crowd? OR maybe I just shouldn't go to concerts within walking distance of NYU?


brooke said...

oh nooo i made a blog post about wavves just hooours ago! i hope im not a wavves kid you hate.

Brigham said...

What I hate is this show, this crowd were the complete opposite of the super good vibe the record gave me.

Leslie said...

I must be a grouch too, because I totally agree with everything you said in this post, Brigham. Well said! Seriously, I go to so few concerts these days because I hate kids so much.