Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Effort in the Kitchen

Friday night I put in some time trying out a recipe I've been curious about for a long time, the roasted asparagus w/ miso butter from the Momofuku Noodle Bar. Here's the recipe I used, it's also available (in a slightly different form) in the cookbook.

A tray of asparagus about to go into the oven. Drizzled with olive oil and seasoned, perhaps a tad too liberally, with salt and pepper.

Two tbs of butter, two tbs of white miso paste.

The finished product, topped with a totally botched poached egg. I wound up replating a few times and eating the whole bunch of asparagus (I had nearly a pound!) The miso butter is spectacularly delicious, it just treats you so right, but next time I'll go easier on the pre-oven salting of my asparagus. And next time I'll poach my egg right and not have to be so embarrassed by it.

Also, as a side . . . or the main course, maybe? Some ground pork and rice cakes with Chinese broccoli. A very fast approximation (or weak immitation) of my beloved spicy rice cakes. This also was a bit salty. Good job, me.

Roasted corn tossed in miso butter? Your time is at hand.


Mitch has begun a Momofuku experiment, to master the cookbook and then vegetarianize it ALL while living in England! (which, to me, suggests an added degree of difficulty) Check it out!

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Bek said...

BRIGGGIE!!! I make this kind of asparagus all the time. We're kindreds.