Monday, August 16, 2010

Best the Second Time Was Charming

Friday night I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World again (after having seen a sneak preview a few weeks ago) and this time I managed to just be chill, not compare it to the comics, and enjoy myself. Thoroughly. I don't think it's for everyone, but for those it is for it is a fine, fine piece of entertainment.

Here is an adaptation of a flashback to Scott in High School that occurs in Volume 2 of the comic book series that inspired the film.

Really what would be great is if there was a animated series adaptation of all 6 volumes of the series. Because there's so much good stuff that had to be left out of the movie.

The Awl had this good commentary on the ways the movie comes up short of the comic, but it's not so much about scenes left out, but, like, certain heart and soul, character development stuff:

Scott Pilgrim vs. Itself

And I don't post that link to detract from the film, but to attract attention to the finer points of the series. And because I read it and found it to be true.

Armond White at the NY Press is known for being a tough critic, but to everyone's surprise, he loved Scott Pilgrim (and uses it as an opportunity to further put down Quentin Tarantino).

And lastly, I am surprised to see this news on the internet that the movie isn't doing very well at the box office as 1. Everyone I know has seen it or wants to see it and 2. I got to the movie 40 minutes early (that wasn't exactly the plan, it was just a quicker walk over from dinner than expected) and there were SO many people ahead of us in line, all the good seats were gone before we got in the theater. Oh well, I'll probably see it again. And maybe word of mouth will turn it into the next Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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