Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Best This is How We Do

Fun Fact: In 2009, there was about a week where it looked like Jamar and I were going to be roommates. Sometimes I lie awake at night imagining what that would have been like. Probably a lot like this, but nonstop:

Anyway, here's what I played at Jamar's Party:

Warming Up: (although people were dancing from track one)

Shoop — Salt n Peppa
Iesha — Another Bad Creation
The Boy is Mine — Brandy and Monica
I Can Transform You — Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
Turnin Me On — Keri Hilson
Steve Biko — A Tribe Called Quest
A Rollerskating Jame Called Saturday — De La Soul
If I Had No Loot — Tony Toni Tone
You're a Jerk — New Boyz
Bonnie n Clyde '03 (Everyday People Remix) — DJ Crooked
Are You that Somebody — Aaliyah
Just Wanna Love You — Jay Z
Doo Wop (That Thing) — Lauryn Hill

From about this point you could say a party was happening:

Cyclone — Baby Bash
Gin and Juice — Snoop Dogg
Tipsy — J Kwon
Right Thurr — Chingy
Hypnotize — The Notorious B.I.G.
Just Dance — Lady Gaga
Get Low — Flo-Rida
Carry Out — Timbaland and Justin Timberlake
On to the Next One — Jay-Z
Down — Jay Sean and Lil Wayne
Crazy — Pitbull and Lil John

At this time we paused for the toast from Joe (the apartment was packed and it was time to honor Jamar)

Single Ladies — Beyonce
Bad Romance — Lady Gaga (I thought this song would set everything on fire, it did)
Right Round — Flo-Rida
Womanizer — Britney Spears
Umbrella — Rihanna (Received with cheers, surprised me)
Gold Digger — Kanye West (More cheers, it killed me to have to end it early for . . .)

Birthday Cake and Singing Happy Birthday

In da Club — 50 Cent (Somesay best post-Happy Birthday notion possible. I say, "Of course.")
Work It — Missy Elliott
Empire State of Mind — Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes
The Thong Song — Sisqo (Riskiest jam of the night, went over big, gave me the courage to follow with:)
Summertime — DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (Received like the Prodigal Son. The party fell on its neck and kissed it)
Baby — Justin Bieber (You could sense the split-second initial hesitance to accept this song, the quick glances of "Is it cool if I'm down?" before the universal downness with this song)
Telephone — Lady Gaga
OMG — Usher
Walk it Out — Unk (People LOVE to Walk it Out)
Get Low — Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz
Let Me Clear My Throat — DJ Cool
Tick Tock — Kesha
Three — Britney Spears
Boom Boom Pow — Black Eyed Peas
American Boy — Estelle and Kanye West
Billie Jean — Michael Jackson
All These Things That I Have Done — The Killers (Only rock song of the night, just shaking things up. For singing along to.)
Paper Planes — M.I.A.
Crank That — Souljaboy
Live Your Life — T.I.
Poker Face — Lady Gaga (Lots of requests for Alejandro, I don't have Alejandro, here, take my last remaining Gaga song)
Check on It — Beyonce
Big Pimpin' — Jay Z
Country Grammar — Nelly (Beloved! So glad.)
Who I Am? — Snoop Dogg
California Love — 2Pac and Dr. Dre
Tootsie Roll — Quad City DJs (People love to tootsie roll! Do you know that dance was banned from my High School dances? It was the twist of 1994.)
Ms. Jackson — Outkast
I Want You Back — Jackson 5
Forever — Chris Brown
Flashing Lights — Kanye West
Dirt Off Your Shoulder — Jay-Z (this was my after-party song. It was 1 am, the party organizers thought it best to end. Over a dozen partiers remained, I believe they would have danced all night)

63 songs, a little more than 4 hours. I think we all had a good time.

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