Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Here's a question I've been asking in real life that I thought I'd throw out to the internet:

Which will happen first? (if they happen at all)

1) The mainstream (and I mean MAINSTREAM, as big as baseball/football/basketball) popularity of Soccer in the United States


2) The legalization of marijuana?

Both have been talked about and dreamt of by their supporters for so, so long. Both have made inroads . . . so, which will win?


Tannerama said...

Legalization of Marijuana. Because after World Cup Fever (which I have been inoculated against apparently) dies down it will resume it's position on the Sports in America totem pole... somewhere towards the bottom.

Whereas the legalization of Marijuana might save the economy. So, there's that.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Marajuana for sure. Its the year round sport for its supporters.

Casey said...
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Casey said...

Definitely the legalization of marijuana. Just look at the progress that movement has made in California. Then, compare that with the success of MLS. I think Tanner is right too. The potential tax revenue from marijuana is much greater than football (soccer).