Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best This was THE wedding, pt. 2

Something like a cold is treating me like death but still I battle to bring you this latest post...


Collin, Jeff, Stephen, Dave and I rented a blue Taurus Friday afternoon and drove out to somewhere in New Jersey to an establishment called "The Palace" for the reception. We had all been told that this reception was going to be something else, but I wouldn't have known to expect so much of something-else. As many of us were arriving a little early for cocktail hour (and some of us without having yet donned our reception apparel), we were detained in the curtainy foyer with the name tags, left over yamukkahs, and mocktails before being admitted to the cocktail area at precisely 7:30.

Cocktail Hour

I wish I could say I behaved with a little more dignity during cocktail hour, but I imagine you can guess what I'm like with buffets and hors dourves. The onion dip was delcious! So were the sesame chicken and tempura shrimp. Also was the pork at the carving station. And the broccoli rabe. And the cheeses. And that was all before Jeff said to me "I think you better see what they've got outside" and I found out about the grilling station with all the Asian food on sticks!

Whilst we mingled, the Wedding Party was photographed and eventually descended to join us.

The Reception

And then, at precisely 8:30, the reception officially began! Let me familiarize you with the hall and the cake:

And now, let's ignore continuity for a second so that I can introduce you to the fine people of Table 10, people you probably know like Amber, Collin, Karli and Myself. Also at the table but not pictured right now: Sara & Jeff.

Generally, the reception followed a pattern of dancing followed by a course of the dinner followed by dancing followed by another course. I will now try to convey that experience through pictures...

During dinner a waiter delivered a drink for Jeff saying "A lady sent this over from the bar." Mystery!

We all had a laugh to hide our jealousy.

The Thing Everyone is Still Talking About

Jeff M tells the story well at his blog (you should read the post for the important details and backstory links), but during the part of the reception where each table said things about the Bride and Groom the Mulcock Brothers challenged the Enke Sisters to a final dance off. The challenge was accepted on the spot and Erin and Leisel came running zooming the dancefloor, kicking off their shoes as they ran. This was where the evening went from four stars to five.

Dessert & the Wrap Up

While we were stuffing our faces and dancing and watching dancing the cocktail area was transformed into a total Willy Wonka situation. At this point, the food available to us that evening just turned merciless and I admitted total defeat.

The cake was cut, the cake was shared. The bouquet was tossed and caught by Meredith. The garter was launched and caught by Collin. Smoothness ensued.

And that's that for that. What a totally awesome Friday we had a week ago. Hooray for Scott, Hooray for Erin, Hooray for Jersey!


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Those were the best pictures of our dance off so far...thanks for being on that. I wish I could relive that moment from an audience point of view. Would I be ashamed or proud of myself? Unknown forever.

Brig said...

Pretty sure you'd be proud. From what I can tell, it's unanimously hailed as the highlight of an evening of highlights.

Rebekah said...

congrats to the handsome couple!