Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best This was THE wedding, pt. 1

I'm doing something tonight that I should do more often, breaking a monster post into two pieces. And this is piece one...

Friday the 11th Erin and Scott got married and from start to finish, this was one serious celebration. Let us consider the many pieces that made up the day...


Gathering outside the Manhattan Temple with amigos such as Collin, Kim, Amber, and Sara I first caught word of the crisis of the day: Erin had arrived at the temple without her wedding license! Liesel and Adam dashed downtown to get it, and everything was in suspense and delay for a while...but the license was retrieved and the wedding was had. You should have been there when Erin and Scott entered the room, we had all been chatting at a nearly irreverent volume and intensity when they suddenly appeared at the door. A gasp went through the party (the gasp of breaths being taken away by the bride) and then complete and utter silence pervaded for the duration of the ceremony. It was profound.


Marriage accomplished, we gathered outside the temple waiting for the happy couple to make their exit. Spirits were high and I reunions were had (such as my being reunited with Hermano Cerda from my old temple shift). Also, I served as the white balance for the fancy camera. Remind you of the old days, Dad? Also, Collin has a camera now. His youthful energy is almost too much for me to compete with.

The Bride and Groom emerged and we made our way to Central Park. When a Bride and Groom walk through the city and into central park, people stop and take notice. Cars honk their congratulations. Sunbathers stare. Groups of children run from their camp counselors to sing "Here Comes the Bride." Hula Hooping breaks out at Bethesda Fountain. It is all quite a bit likes something out of a musical.

Let the record show that Scott and Erin's first purchase as Man and Wife was a bottle of water from a Central Park vendor.

This is a very important video that you need to watch:

Coming Up Next: The Reception!


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JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I'm glad your body served as an ample white balance for my video camera. Also, I'm glad it was your shirt not your skin that was white enough for the balance.

Central park and brides are the awesomest. We had buses honk and passengers lean out to scream. Multiple asians used us for photos. Cab drivers posing with us as well as nuns.

Lexia said...

Erin looks just like Demi Moore.