Friday, September 23, 2005

Best Post . . . nEver?

Good thing you have to use a computer to visit this site, because that means you're probably sitting down. Otherwise I'd have to advise that you be sitting down before you continue reading any further.

First things first. Have you watched the new Franz Ferdinand video for "Do You Want To" yet? No? Check it out now. It's very important that you at least fast-forward through this video with the sound turned off if this post is going to mean anything to you.

Ahem. Moving along . . .

Mitch came out to New York last weekend to celebrate her birthday at a Transmission Party-themed party at Amber's new apartment. Everyone was supposed to attend as either a character from the "Do You Want To" video or just some type of art-gallery going sort of person (perhaps I should clarify: the "Do You Want To" video takes place at a Transmission Party art gallery opening). I came dressed as Bob Hardy, the band's bassist, because he's Mitch's favorite. This is what I looked like:

Image Hosted by

I know, crazy, right? I look just like him, huh?

Jenna went as a more-modest-than-usual Vanessa Beecroft girl.

Image Hosted by

And lots of other people dressed up in lots of other ways, but I didn't take very many photos and the photos I took wound up very, very blurry.

But trust me, where we're going, we don't need photos.

As the party went on, things got a little out of hand, and this happened. (Seriously, click on that link . . . but first, I really, really hope you watched the Franz video first.)(Oh, wait, sorry. I took the link down.)

I don't know, I think it's pretty cool.

Also, this would be my second day straight of Franz-related content that was provided by someone else. In this case, the iMovie wizard and birthday girl known as Mitch.

Update If you like the video you better bookmark it or something because I'm not going to keep the link active forever . . . I'll probably kill it Monday or Tuesday.

Update As you might have noticed, I've removed the link to the movie. Sorry. Some things are just meant to be nothing more than memories.


Anonymous said...

That is correct. Best post ever.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Um, that is some funny stuff right there. I really wasn't expected the snuff quality remake of that music video...blew my mind up.

Jenn said...

That really was a great night. Nice job editing Mitch. When are you moving back to New York? I feel like there are so many other music videos we need to re-create.
Brigham--please never show up behind my shower curtain with a butcher knife. That wig is skurry.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Post it again... I was at that party but had to leave early and I'm dying to see if I made the cut on the video.

Brigham said...

Private email requests for the video will probably be honored. I'm just not leaving it sitting out for the whole internet to watch anymore.

Or I suppose you could sign your comments and I could tell you if you were in the video . . . but that's no fun for you.