Monday, September 26, 2005

Best These Are the People in My Neighborhood

It's been a while since I've reported on celebrity sightings, right? Here's an update, and this time I'm keeping it local, very, very local.

-John Cameron Mitchell (again) and I disembarked from the 1 train at the 14th Street stop and walked out the 12th street exit together.

-I ran into Steve Forbes walking east on 12th street as I left my apartment. He was drinking one of those cold-coffee drinks that comes in a clear cup and must have been headed to the Forbes headquarters on 5th Avenue and 12th.

-Down at the park on 11th Street right by the Magnolia Bakery I saw Peter Dinklage (again) and then, a little while later in the same park, Harry Connick, Jr.

-Heather Graham (Beth Baery) heading west down the middle of 12th street (that's dangerous) as I was leaving my apartment.

-My neighbor Elvis walking up 6th Avenue ahead of me. He was hunched over and talking into his cell phone like it was a walkie-talkie . . . but I have seen his cell phone, and I know that it is not a walkie-talkie.

"Real" content to return shortly . . . maybe.

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