Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Best Return of the Best TV Show That There Is

It snuck up on me, but tonight Season Two of My Super Sweet 16 premiered.

Oh man. So much the best of all things that exist. This show is why it's okay for Prometheus to be having his liver picked at by vultures for having stolen television from Zeus.

Is it all right that I only say that and don't sum up the episode? Or if I just say "There was this girl, and she was really, really spoiled, and her Mom threw her a crazy party, and the girl acted like a brat"?

Also, more best: At the end of the episode all the Sweet 16s from last year had a little group discussion about last season and this new season. Ava. Oh, Ava!

Here's some Super Sweet 16 links, I don't know, maybe you'll learn something? I didn't click on any of them.

Today's my last day in LA. Not too much has been happening out here, but it's a good time getting away for a bit.


Lauren said...
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Sara said...

I just saw this show on Sunday afternoon -- whoa. It's such a great show in a disgusting way (but maybe I'm kind of jealous but not really way).