Thursday, July 14, 2005

Best Little Park Outing

Sometimes, like Wednesday evening, I come home from work and think: "Hmm. Maybe I'll spend all night hanging out in my apartment? Or maybe I'll go to the park and meet all the Mormons and listen to the Philharmonic. No, that's crazy, I'd rather stay home alone tonight." But next thing I know I decide to risk it and head up to the park. And I'm glad I did because, despite rainy looking clouds, the weather was good and the company was good and the music was good. Much better than things would have been alone in my apartment, that's for sure.

Patricia was there. I photographed her with a setting that I didn't even know my camera had. There's her sister Stephanie in the background.

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Once you've found your space on a blanket it's hard to get close to people you know to take their pictures. So I had to work really hard to coordinate this zoomed-in photo of Candace and Bryant.

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And this picture of Becky and Kelly.

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Of course there were lots and lots more people there that I knew, but they were all too far away or too busy eating cheese to photograph. That's the thing to do in parks, you know, eat cheese.

Behind us the city was lost in a Ghostbustery mess of clouds. No photo could do it justice--I took many trying.

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I split the concert a little early to beat the rush and ran into Lisa from High School on the subway platform, and she had just run into her friend Margaret. That's pretty crazy for Lisa, a double-coincidental-run-into.


ian said...

Dangit. There but for a split-second decision went I...Had the same decision before me, but because the sky threatened rain I decided to stay home and write a paper on the Wannsee Protocols. I've been regretting it ever since...

Anonymous said...

Briggie, where's the picture of my really big smile?

Brig said...

This One?