Friday, July 22, 2005

Best Calm Before the Storm

I just got in to Chicago. I'm here to take my brother to Lollapalooza. We're only going to day one. Funny how I sacrificed a Redwalls/Cribs/Kaiser Chiefs ticket I had for a show tonight to fly out here and two out of those three bands (Redwalls and Kaiser Chiefs, if you aren't into clicking links and reading) are playing on Saturday. Too bad I'll probably miss the Redwalls to line up for the Egg & Spoon race.

But speaking of too bad, too bad the Walkmen are playing at the same time as the Pixies. I don't mean that in the "too bad that I have to choose between the Walkmen and the Pixies" I mean "too bad for the Walkmen."

Wait a second. I should be going to bed.


Lauren said...

Wow. That's an awesome line-up. I'm glad I didn't really do my homework on Lolapalooza this year. Make sure you check out The Black Keys. I want a report complete with pictures.

Anonymous said...

Please miss Ambulance Ltd. I don't want anyone to see them ever.