Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Night of Dueling

Got word of a lightsaber battle happening Saturday night in Washington Square Park. I hadn't seen lightsabers in Washington Square Park since 2006, back when they were filming I Am Legend.

Hundreds upon hundreds of would-be Jedi turned out with sabers ranging from the $5 to $500 varieties.

It was surprisingly nerdy. Lots of circles formed for people to prove who was the best at pretending to fight with a laser sword. There were quite a few Spider-Mans there, too.

And a Deadpool.

This Spider-Man made a fool out of the guy with the Darth Maul-style double-bladed saber.

But lots of people were just having nice fun.

Like Jess and Paula.

There were some very serious Star Wars costumes there that night. And also this real good felt Storm Trooper mask.

This grown man seemed quite proud of how well he could handle two 10 year olds at once.

Hula-hooping saber duelists proved most impressive.

Until this guy dressed as Ken from Street Fighter showed up and finished his opponent off with a Dragon Uppercut.

It was good spectating.

After party at Cones.

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