Saturday, August 16, 2014

Best Utah Retreat: The non-Taco or Wu-Tang Clan parts

So, a couple weeks ago I flew out to Utah and had a great time. Owen picked me up from the airport and we went to Mi Rancherito...I think that was the name. It was once a Beto's, or was never a Beto's but was always like a Beto's. I do not understand what happened in Utah where all the Beto's turned into other kinds of restaurants. Anyway.

Owen at first said he didn't want anything to eat. But then he said "I guess I'll have the Carne Asada Fries" and then he ate them all like it was nothing.

Myself, I had the rolled tacos.

I spent the night at Cindy and Tom's to save about $100 on my rental car.

Before picking it up, Cindy and I had breakfast burritos from Mi Rancherito. Bet they weren't expecting me back so soon!

Then I met up with Emily and Grandma. Emily has been doing the invaluable service of putting together Grandma's life story. That's what they're working on here. Then we went to Cafe Rio.

That night I saw the Wu-Tang Clan.

The next afternoon I went with Kristen and the nieces and nephews to Rubio's for lunch. The kids were in a straw-playing with mood. Made me nervous, I was in a white t-shirt and everyone was drinking fruit punch.

Then we went to the renovated Bean Museum on BYU Campus.

They've changed all the displays to be more Circle of Life-oriented.

I think it's to make you not feel so bad about them being hunting trophies. 

"See! They would have died anyway!"

"Better to be shot than eaten, right?"

These are the interesting parts of Utah.

Then: BYU Bookstore.

That night I went with my brothers and friends to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Followed the film with a rambunctious meal at Del Taco.

Remember pictures like this from Prague?

Ashlee and Me: Celebrating 13 happy years.

Collin had brought t-shirts for Jeff, Jared and I. Before the movie when Jeff got his Rocket shirt he said "Who's this?!" and after the movie he said "This is ME."

Jared commemorates marriage in a European-fashion, or that's what he says about his rings.

Ok, then Saturday evening Collin and I went to Burger Supreme.

On Saturdays corn dogs are just a dollar!

Kristen and Cory and family rolled up while we were there, too.

And you know who else was there? Brittany and Paul, that's who! (This picture miiiight be the internet debut of someone's new hair color. I won't say who's, though. Not going to spoil it.)

Then it was time for Jared's wedding reception (he had gotten married several months before, but now they were having their party).

It was a party full of people I met in 95 or 98. Melanee has a daughter that is a teenager!

The Almonds were there. 

And a cat.

Eve and Jared.

Addressing their gathered admirers.

Then Matt and I played music for dancing.

Said dancing:

Cory and Cindy:

Then Collin and I had the best tacos I've ever had in the US.

And then we went to the Creamery for the after-after party.

I got all of the ice cream they had for $4. It's a special they're running.

Jeff had a haircut since we last saw him.

Mexican Fantas on hand at a bargain price.

But also I am curious about this "Purple Stuff" soda brand.

Creamery shut down but our party did not.

I went to church Sunday at the Granite Tabernacle in Sugar House and it was BIG.

That evening: D&D with Andrew and the family. We have been playing together for over a year now. This session ended with a breaking of the Fellowship, a turn of events that the Dungeon Master didn't even see coming.

Grandma and Me.

And with Andrew.

Remember how Monday night Andrew and I went to Don Joaquin's in Springville? We also at at 180 Tacos in Provo that night.

And entered their art contest. We're the two on the left.

Then it was Tuesday and time to wrap the visit up.

One last Mexican meal with my relations.

It had been a nice long time since I'd had one of those old school plates of Mexican food where everything is hidden beneath beans and melted cheese.

I thought I also had my picture with my sister. Turns out one of these kids doesn't press the shutter button as hard as they look like they're pressing it.

Returned this rather decent Santa Fe to the airport and flew back to silly old New York.

That would be a main thing that happened in Utah, though. That I began to see Hyundais in a better light.

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sarah said...

Thank you for the tour of the Bean Museum. I'll just watch the Lion King when I feel the need to visit.

I love Burger Supreme.