Sunday, December 08, 2013

Best Sudden Visit

Three weeks ago (where does the time go?!) Andrew kind of felt like coming to New York. So he did. Shortly after arriving in New York we were eating at the Noodle Bar.

Brussels Sprouts!

Kimchi and Scallop Tagliatelle.

Smoked Chicken Wings.

Shrimp Buns!

The next afternoon, a little Shake Shack lunch.

I get the Shackcago Dog 3/4's of the time when I go to Shake Shack

While in New York Andrew realized he needed jeans. Or maybe he knew it before he got there? Eventually jeans were purchased, really his new jeans deserve a post of their own.

Then that night we had dinner at the Ssam Bar with Kim . . .

. . . and Lauren.

We had the Striped Bass

We had the Pickles.

We had a Plate of Ham (The Edwards, I believe? We had them bring us their smokiest)

We had Kale in XO Sauce.

But most of all, we had a 51 oz Dry Aged Ribeye.

With pan-drippings.

And Polenta Cake.

Check out the silverware, though

Bee? Or Darth Vader mask?

Hooray for dinner!

That evening: Additional wanderings. Probably some ice cream?

Next Day: Lunch at Parm

Smashed Potatoes.


Brussels Sprouts.

The Platonic Ideal of what a Meatball Sandwich is.

That place is enough to make you swoon.

Oh yeah, and then there's the Ice Cream Cake.

An art-creating work of dessert art if I've ever seen one.

That night, the taco circuit in East Harlem.

My kind of street art.

Once again, we dine with Kim and Lauren. I mean "again" in the best, happiest possible way.

Listen, you need to know something: That morning I had to shave for work. I felt like an embarrassed little lamb to be walking around so fresh-faced for the first time in, uhm, years? But I secured a short but competitive assignment, so I guess it was worth it.

Tostada de Carnitas

¡El Rey de las Tortas!

(I was eating light, only had two things at La Casa because I had already eaten at El Aguila and was headed to Taco Mix)

At Taco Mix, a sight that always makes my heart leap.

Just as all the meat leapt out of my taco before it was handed to me.

One more course: Frostees at Wendy's!

Lunch Saturday: Back to the Ssam Bar!

Broccoli Salad.

A Plate of Ham.

And a Brisket Bowl.

Then: Some time looking at Islander and South American Art at the Met that will perhaps become its own post.

And then on we went to Central Park where we met a skateboarding dog.

And observed some of the city's finest elderly roller skaters.

Coach took a knee.

Over to Lincoln Center.

And then down to the new Burger Joint in the Village.

Some might say that a major part of the Burger Joint is sneaking into it tucked away inside the Parker Meridian, which, yes, is fun but also a major part of the Burger Joint are it's A+, #1 Burgers (which I still think absolutely murder a Shake Shack Burger) 

Certain fans insist on at least two per visit.

Walking through the Village, 

A second visit of the week to Big Gay Ice Cream (first visit wasn't documented, but it looked a lot like the second visit--and if you didn't know, yes, there's a really good ice cream place in New York called Big Gay Ice Cream.)

Wrapped up the night (and the long-weekend) with a show at the Village Vanguard. I don't know super much about jazz, but I know to defer to Andrew's jazz judgment. 

Rare glimpses of the interior of one of the world's most venerable jazz clubs, just sitting there on 7th Avenue like it's no big deal at all.

Here ends the account of Andrew's visit. He left the next morning before 5am. Air travel. It's just amazing.

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