Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Next Visitors

Ready for more visitors? I was! The Mapps were just here for a good weeklong visit. 

Night one they treated me to Parm. I had the Thanksgiving Leftovers Hero, a magnificent coming together of turkey, cranberry, sweet potato and stuffing.

We desserted with the Almond Joy ice cream cake.

Next morning there was reading

Followed by burgers in brooklyn at Peter Luger's. 

And onion rings,

And sundaes.

Followed by Williamsburg wanderings

Visited the new Rough Trade record store, which has just opened for business, although it feels like it's going out of business. These would be my tips for Rough Trade records: Stock your shelves. Do not charge as much as conceivably possible for each record. Sell more than one model of record player, perhaps one without a USB cable?

But good job on the ping pong tables.

But "ehh" on the Urban Outfitters book selection.

Then we went down to the water.

And then up to the top of the Wythe Hotel.

Guess we just love looking at Manhattan!

Saw two cats.

Then back onto the Subway we went. 

Next day I lunched at Han Dynasty with Collin.

Later, the windows at Bigelow's.

And dinner at La Cabaña.

The Mapps treated us to the spendy Guacamole Porcupine.

I opted for the Carne Enchilada dinner because I wanted beans.

Then we rode the subway again.

The next afternoon Collin and I traveled out to Sunset Park.

To try Tacos El Bronco, a place I had had a good feeling about. And now that I've eaten there, I've got a very good feeling about it. Nice little tacos with an onion thrown in along with them.

A Tostada de Tinga.

And then a very nice Torta Cubana. I've been thinking that perhaps the key ingredient for a proper Torta Cubana is hot dog. 

Sad to see that there was a place called Taqueria el Porky's and that it has closed. I feel like it's my fault. I would've fought to keep them in business.

Then we went to the Coney Island Aquarium to satisfy a curiosity I'd had for a while.

Horrible thing I saw right away: Moray Eel swimming around like he owned the place. Nearly turned around and left at the sight of him.

They had a tank full of piranhas! Very calm, very big.

I'd really wanted to see the Sea Otters, but only one was out that day. And he was shy. An uncommon Sea Otter characteristic. But we caught a very spirited seal and sea lion feeding.

Later: A visit with Andy.

And late night dumplings.

And introductions to Dakota.

The next evening: Collin and I went to an advance screening of 47 Ronin. I say wait to see it on a plane.

Then we met up with Mallory to see a performance by the New Zealand Youth Choir.

Train problems lead us to having dinner at El Idolo taco truck. A dear old friend, it was goo to revisit.

This is how El Idolo will make you feel.

Very suspicious storefront.

I think Secret Squirrel is about to crack the case of the missing cat right open.

Friday: Matinee viewing of Frozen, very nice. Then lunch at Shake Shack. I guess the new fries are technically "better", but I was kind of into the homeiness of their crinkle fries.

Some 5th Avenue nonsense followed.

Listen, I don't usually just straight up take photos of strangers, but these kids, I mean 20'somethigns, were having the most involved Pokemon discussion at the Nintendo Store. I mean, talking strategy and reliving the glories of past matches. It was something to overhear, that's for sure.

Later: Dinner at Zabb Elee.

And ice cream from Big Gay.

Sorry, Van Leeuwen. Maybe next time!

Saturday: 12 o'clock breakfast at Dominique Ansel. 

And then a very thorough strolling through of the galleries of 24th street.


This is that apartment building with the car elevator.

Gigantic Kaws statues.

Look! It's me! Three weeks out from that time I had to shave.

That evening: The Auburn game and another trip to the Shake Shack.

The Stake Christmas Concert (the concert was inside, this was just the outside music).

Post-Show: One more reunion. Collin's always asking me if I've heard anything about Claudio. Now Collin knows all about Claudio from Claudio.

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Looks like an incredible trip!