Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Best Semi-Recent Happenings

And I'm going to just keep trying to catch you up until we're all caught up. Here's some blogworthy content from the last month, month and a half.

At the beginning of October we had a Story Telling FHE. Lots of storytellers came out, lots of great stories got told, among them . . .

Ned talked about a mysterious ring he found gardening.

LeAnna talked about adventures in the Amazon.

And Becky blew my mind with her story of moving to South 71st in Chicago when she moved there for school. All Chicagoans need to hear this story!  

We've got another story night coming up in January. Stay tuned for more info!

Andy and I still hang when we can. Thought that was worth mentioning.

A couple weeks after the story telling night I lead an East Harlem taco crawl that turned out to be more of a two-stop trip. If the whole group wants to go to La Cabaña, I'm not going to stop them! (But these first photos are from El Aguila).

Discovered that my smoking friend

Is standing on a skull!

Made it to La Cabaña. This photo does not convey that we were about twenty in number, I'm guessing.

Sometimes I get the chalupas. It's one of my tricks.

Then at the beginning of November everyone came out to celebrate Alpha's birthday.

The centerpiece of the evening was this piñata.

Piñata hanging in Manhattan takes some inventiveness and risks.

Blammo! That star was no match for Judy's mighty swings.

Aubrey baked up a beauty of a Funfetti cake.

All the movers and shakers were there.

Including some of our greatest ex-New Yorkers (and ex-New Yorkers turned renewed New Yorkers)

About a week or two after that there was a BIG formal that I'm relieved to say I did not have to plan or put together but I was very wow'd by the whole thing. Look at all those tables! Look at all those chairs!

On Veteran's Day I visited the USS New York with Jeff and Emily (in town for a bit from Boston).

We're always in the mood to hear about the Minigun.

Minigun: Fires 3000 rounds a minute. You know, 50 bullets a second!

View from the hovercraft cockpit.

View of the Intrepid. From the New York.

View of the Intrepid. From McDonalds.

The I ran over to the Met to see some art with Carol (also in town that weekend) but was distracted by this art along the way.

We went there to see the "Girls and Cats" exhibit. No photos allowed of the exhibit. Could have used more cats, if you ask me.

And in midtown? Statue of an inflatable rat. Perhaps the 1% have a sense of humor?

Guys, in some ways, we're almost all caught up!

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