Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Best Field Trip

Saturday morning. Ah. A lovely autumn drive up the Hudson Valley.

Lauren and Kim had asked me if I wanted to go see Storm King with them. I thought they meant Thor (ha!), but actually Storm King is a big, uh, park? Arboretum? Field? Full of gigantic (and medium-sized) sculptures. 

Like this one, for example.

Everyone was getting their picture holding up this sculpture.

Whereas I held up this one.

Look at me! Inside the art!

Spotted in a gully, the Loch Ness monster of leaves?

Chocolate cake sculpture.

These wiggled. You can't really tell from a photo.

There was a tram you could take because Storm King is very big.

So this is stuff we trammed-by

Before getting off at the 11 acre man made hill-field.

Great for resting. Great for the back.

Walked by a lovely pond. Can you tell this photo is upside down? Fun, right?

Big wiggly wall.

This sculpture was a racing yacht. But then it became a sculpture.

Met a fuzzy caterpillar, tried to give it a ride on Lauren's leaf stick. 

Here you get a look at that leaf stick.

These things...

Were like greenhouses for samurai helmets?

Now here's something: A three legged Buddha standing on its head!

Found this thing.

You could move its walls (or panels? or leaves?). Well, you could move the leaf on the right. Here we learn that the left leaf is immovable.

Just an overwhelming procession of gigantic sculptures.

This one was called Cabin for Two Anarchists.

Broke the rules and put three anarchists in it.


I feel terrible about the above hashtag joke.

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Jen said...

Lauren Merkley?!? I've actually been wanting to get in contact with her for years! She was my visiting teacher in Ithaca right after I got baptized. I was Jen Peery then. Can you give her my email/ get me hers? Thanks! jenjenbarnes@gmail.com