Monday, November 18, 2013

Best I Did It! I Posted About Yellowstone!

Slightly more than 3 months ago I was in Yellowstone with my family. A while ago I managed to blog about our time in the Tetons. Today I'm finally posting about Yellowstone. I'm only posting pictures with family members in them and just a few no-family pictures I couldn't not post. This is the only way this post will ever get made. As I'm about to see the whole family this weekend, I had to get this post up before I left.

And also I'm going to resist captioning everything but who knows how that will go.

We arrived at Yellowstone JUST as Old Faithful was going off.

After you see Old Faithful then you walk around and look at all the pretty, stinky water.

After taking in the majesty of the outdoors we took in the wonder of the Old Faithful Lodge.

Then we drove to, I don't know, another place with water and colors and steam and walkways.

Sunglass Club.


#lifehack: If your candy bar melts in the car you can heal it by resting it on top of the vent knob in front of the air conditioner blowing full blast.

More lodge dining.

I got a few family members to try mussels. And the ones that tried, loved! That's how it is with mussels.

The next morning some of us got up real early to try to see some nature. And mist.

Best part was we leveraged the outing into our one hot breakfast of the trip.

Mom thought it looked like this man had come out of a cave.

We did this thing called Uncle Tom's Trail where you walk down so many steps to see a waterfall a little better.

A few minutes later Cory and Walker would arrive. Walker, who is two-ish, hiked the whole staircase on his own!

Headed uptown once more, not sure what they were looking at here.

Then visited the Roosevelt Lodge.

Who do you like better? Greg?

Or Owen?

Ellie kept saying this menu was her camera. That's crazy.

At this point we were getting more used to seeing buffalo.

That night we played a little more D&D. Perhaps our best session yet!

The next morning it was time to go. At this point we couldn't care less about a buffalo.

Get out of our way! We're going home!


Necessary stop in Afton, Wyoming.

Necessary line in Bear Lake

For one more meal together.

At that's it! That's basically my last trip to Utah. Sure, you're missing out on some pictures of Del Taco, but this was pretty much the main stuff to show off.


Dad said...

Thanks Brig. That was a great shot of Old Faithful. Such a fun family trip.

Dad said...

And I forgot, looking at Ellie, one sees that the magical powers in D and D aren't imaginary.

Christina Beach said...

Hi. Cool blog.