Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Major League Best Time

I try to make sure to catch a Mets game about every 10 years.  So I jumped at the opportunity to join some of the good people of the Upper West Side for a Mets game a few weeks ago.

A lot of people waited a long time to get Shake Shack at Citi Field.  I had chicken fingers.  I've been to three professional sporting events this year and I've had chicken fingers at all of them.  I guess you could say that's "my thing."

I believe Aubrey took the next few pictures.

Because I couldn't have taken this one.

But I did take this one.

Wooo!  I love baseball!  But I'll only stay for ten innings.  That's my limit!

Posted all photos in black and white because, I don't know, why not?

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Kristen said...

I like baseball in black and white. I don't like overtime either. I think I would rather have my team lose then go into overtime. I feel bad saying that.