Monday, August 05, 2013

Best Berlin Day Three

Another beautiful Berlin day!

and another traditional Berlin breakfast . . .

Lead to another day of biking and adventure.  Today's first destination: A very Bushwicky little park.

Where I couldn't resist buying this salad.

Next Up: Turkish Market!

Fun new policy: If you circle back to ask me about my camera, you get your picture took.

The day's big destination: This park that used to be an airport.  THIS PARK USED TO BE AN AIRPORT.  As you're about to see, at this park that used to be an airport, you can ride your bike all over the runways and stuff!

It was cloudy and a little rainy when we got there, but that changed before too long.

Kids playing parachute games in the distance with a giant tarp

As promised: Riding around on runways!

An excellent opportunity to show off daring bicycle tricks

The actual old terminal is there but you aren't allowed inside.  It hasn't been turned into a playground yet, is what I mean.

Wildlife abounds at airport park!

Post-airport park, drove through a few more parks to get to this church.  It was disappointingly modern inside.

And then we checked out an old cemetery.

Which lead to a street fair where the crowd was going nuts for . . . 

The percussive stylings of Play Beat Mo.

At this point, three days into my Berlin visit, I've yet to eat a sausage.  And it doesn't happen on day three, either.

We then meet up with Charlotte from Day One to have wonderful burgers at this great spot called Burgermeister.  Burgermeister used to be a public bathroom!  Now it is a burger stand.  No jokes!

Imitation of someone finishing a drink

Imitation of me finishing a burger

Walked around and found some ice cream

All this for a euro!

Made faces

Took a look at the terrible injury my pants sustained that day.  Even though I rolled them up my bike chain still completey ate them.

Misc. Berlin Photo Intermission

And then we rode deep into this one park to see the Soviet Memorial.  These photos were all taken with my f/1.1 lens, it was actually a touch darker than this in real life.  It was dark and mysterious and the monument was very monumental.

Then rode through a few more parks to get home, good and late and glad about all my bike riding and park visiting that day.

The molecule man statue.  Doesn't make any sense.

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