Thursday, August 08, 2013

Best Berlin Day Four

Having spent Berlin Days 2 and 3 pedaling heavily through the city, Alpha and I decided to spend Day 4 on foot or in public transportation.  But before any adventuring, we went to the grocery store.  An adventure in itself!

I was curious about all their American-influenced goods, such as American Style Marshmallows.

Beef JalepeƱo with Nacho Cheese Big Pizza.

Capri Sun, right? Very grown up, though.

A variety of Hamburger Sauces . . . American flags indicate Americanness.  But as an American, I do not know what Hamburger Sauce is.

I was also charmed by Non-American items, like these colorful eggs.

Just outside the grocery store I purchased my first German sausage.  Four days in Berlin and I was eating my first sausage!  Talk about misusing my time.

I was also picked out my own traditional German breakfast for the next few days.  For the next few days! I promise.

And then we went to take my first Berlin subway rides.

The ticket machine wouldn't take my money so I bought a Magnum Bar to make change.  Lucky me.

We went to a part of Berlin that I'd call more downtowny. I don't remember the name.  You might say "then why don't you look at a map, Brigham?" and I'd respond "Shhhh, I'm trying to write this post."

Looked at the lenses and cameras that dreams are made of while keeping my M8 timidly tucked away in my bag. 

Watched the end of a wedding.

Walked by Fat Ammy's.

Visited Berlin's hottest newest Apple Store.

Admired street performers.

And pamphleteers.

Wondered if these dishwashing sponges were racist.

Ate my first currywurst.  Holy smokes, ate my first currywurst.  What was I doing waiting four days to have currywurst?  I don't know what I was thinking but, boy, did I love my currywurst.  It doesn't make sense that a deep fried sausage topped with ketchup and curry powder with a side of fries would be so good or inspire national devotion but it does and it does.  And that's all there is to that.

Washed it down with an organic rhubarb soda.

Alpha then took me over to, like, the "cool" part of a city that is pretty much cool all over.

I don't care what the proper translation is, I'm telling you this sign says "Gross Hamburger Street."

There was some pretty wild street art over there.

I found myself getting into quite the argument.

Dipped into a very legitimate ramen shop.

Too timid to press any of these buttons for timid people.

My meal.

One more Euro ice cream cone.  (I can count, I know there's two in the picture.  I didn't eat both of them.)

I wish to know more about your street gang.

In the direction of home I had another curry wurst.  Because I couldn't not! And they say this stand is famous.

Hello currywurst #2!

We tried to see World War Z, but they didn't have it in English.

Walked by a little more Bushwick-looking stuff on the way home.

Wrapped up the day with one more Magnum bar.


The next day I'd discover the Google Doodle (in Germany, at least) was of a currywurst!

Because it was the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Herta Heuwer, the inventor of the currywurst.
And I ask you, could any woman look more like the inventor of the currywurst should than the magnificent Mrs. Heuwer?

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